Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Exit Chaos - Enter Peace

Each of us seeks peace. 
Peace cannot be in chaos, it does not exist in fear, and you cannot find it in restlessness. 
Peace is found when our heart and our mind are aligned in our higher purpose.
When we EXIT the illusion of the world around us, we ENTER PEACE.
It's that place of calm serenity.
A place where everything is just as it should be.
Where we rest our souls for awhile before the next journey.
It's just on the other side of awareness.
One little push and we're there.
Follow the Breath and ENTER PEACE.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Seeking A Psychic

Seeking a Psychic

Seeking psychic guidance can provide you with a deeper understanding of your life’s journey and the decisions you can make toward peace and happiness. If you are curious about your life path, struggling with a decision, or just feel lost and confused, getting a psychic reading is a great way to achieve clarity. However, just like any service profession, choosing the right psychic / spiritual advisor / intuitive for you is the key to receiving the best insight for your highest benefit. Just as with all professions, there are good psychics and not so good psychics. So how do you know which you are getting?

The first thing to consider is the psychic’s personality. Why? Because you can sense the type of guidance you will get based on how they view their own life. Does this person have a pleasant personality, are they calm and centered? Or do they seem angry, suspicious, and controlling?  Do they tell you messages filled with doom and fear? Or messages of compassion and empowerment? How they see the world is the filter through which their psychic information streams, so it affects the messages they receive and deliver to you. Make sure your psychic is someone who is grounded, spiritually informative, and can explain in detail how they receive your valuable information from beings of light. Not all psychics are on their spiritual path, and not all spiritually-based people have advanced psychic abilities. Psychics who work on their own spiritual evolvement tend to see the world and life much more positive, which will show up in your reading.  You want someone who continually seeks their own enlightened path to serve as a vehicle for you – after all, you wouldn’t go to a dentist with bad teeth, would you?

The second thing to consider is how you found the psychic. Did they approach you out of the blue? Sometimes a psychic will approach you and offer free information. Some psychics enjoy altruistically helping others on their path, pursuing no gain, other than a thank you for an equal energy exchange. Many aren’t public about their gifts and may be able to just say something in what you think is a casual conversation, when they are actually delivering a message for you. There are others who are professional psychics and are offering free guidance from their heart, and you can make appointments with them to learn more – just as a mechanic may jump start your car in an emergency, but to fix the problem you’ll need to bring it in for repairs. The mechanic uses his talent as a gift in the moment, but is also able to provide his services in a professional environment during regular hours. His intentions may be to give you a sample of his good customer service in the emergency, so you may become a loyal customer to him in the future. However, if he started your car and then demanded $500 for fixing it, or if he told you would need six special spark plugs each costing $100, and only he can get them for you, this would be entirely unethical. This is what is happening here in Palm Beach County, and it’s been reported to our Dream Angels shop many times. Local people are being approached in the mall, coffee shops, and large department stores, and unethical psychics are tapping into their energy field, giving them personal information to gain trust, and then telling them that they have a curse, and they will need to purchase 30 candles at $100 each to remove the curse. Of course, the candles can only be purchased through the psychic! If this happens to you, RUN! These people are NOT on their enlightened spiritual path, and they aren’t going to lead you there, either!

Your best option is to find a local shop that offers psychic readings, and has a great local reputation. The shop atmosphere will reflect the type of reading you receive. Is it warm and comforting, inviting, and feels caring? Are the readers and their readings respected by the shop employees? Is the reading room private? Does the shop promote its readings as publicly as it promotes the products it sells? Are you encouraged to empower yourself with spiritual information? Is there a feeling of community within the shop? If you answer yes to these questions, chances are, you are well on your way to receiving a psychic reading that will be of highest benefit for you.

Of course, no one can guarantee your experience or the likelihood of future events (after all readings are “for entertainment purposes only”), but if you set yourself up for success, you’ll be headed in the right direction.  As with any type of guidance you seek, please do so purposely and prepared. South Florida has many spiritual guides, be sure to select the right one for you.

Friday, December 21, 2012

Glitter of Starstruck Eyes - New Year!

Eyes tired of dreaming
Heart tired of longing
Days tired of passing
Without direction.

As these draw to an end
With the awakening of action
It's time to move,
Being propelled into the light.

New year brings new ideas
New energy, new plans.
Dusting off the glitter,
From starstruck eyes.

Blinking in the sun,
It's time for change.
To create again,
To become anew.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

12-21-12 Shift of Perspective

I find that more and more, store customers are asking me to write down my theories of what is happening in our world right now, so here I am. I don't pretend to know everything, or even exact details, but I do make connections between what I read, what I see around me, what people are discussing, and the concerns of customers during readings, so putting it all together into a unique perspective seems to make sense to me. Yes, the world is changing very rapidly.
December 21, 2012 marks the end of a cycle that was started 26,000 years ago. Some call it the Fall of Man or the Descent of Souls. However we refer to it, it was a cycle of learning about our "human-ness", from our caveman days to our nuclear warhead days, our lessons focused on compassion after chaos, good versus evil, and the separateness of souls. That cycle is ending and a new cycle is beginning on December 22nd (actually new theories have said that this cycle took place years ago, while others say it takes effect in February of next year.) Regardless of the exact time, the changes are subtle in nature so a date really is irrelevant. The changes are not.
The world's overall energy is shifting from masculine to feminine energy. What does this mean? Well, what does it mean to have feminine energy? Traditionally, these traits include tolerance, understanding, unconditional love, sacrifice, caregiving, emotions over thought, intuition, faith, receiving, holistic decision-making, and love of nature. Many of these traits can already be seen in our society, and they have shifted into hyper-drive. Twenty-five years ago, no one openly discussed alcoholism, drug addiction, cancer, Alzheimers, and suicide; or alternative healing, organic farming, and exploring faiths other than their family's faith; and you rarely saw two people of different ethnicity display their affection publicly, (and you only saw homosexual couples in San Francisco or Key West! - just kidding). Our society is becoming much more open and honest in our nature. We are starting to understand what unconditional support of another human being looks like, and we are attracting situations in which we can experience it. Perhaps we will become more tolerant and loving as well. Who knows, this is only the beginning of a new cycle, and we have 26,000 more years to shift.
So what does this mean for you? As the feminine energy of this planet increases, it's going to affect you right where you need to be affected! Look at your life and see where the resistance is held. We have all made decisions in the past based on the male energy of being providers, protectors, or being action-oriented and "making" or "forcing" things to happen. In itself, this energy is not detrimental, it's just that we are now being prodded to balance it with our heart.
If you feel frustration or unhappiness in your life, ask yourself: - Are you holding onto relationships because of outside judgment? Are you fearful you won't be protected or provided for if you leave a relationship?
- Are you in a job that you don't like but it's what is expected of you? Are your morals questioned against the need for money?
- Are you afraid of change? Are you worried about listening to your heart's desires?
- Have you started "knowing" things you didn't know before, or feeling connected to others in ways that are very coincidental?
If you are experiencing the "uncomfortableness" of life right now, know that it is what is needed for you to shift with the changing energies of the Earth, and it's all in Divine timing. Learn to let go and flow, and your transitions will be much easier.
Please feel free to post questions and I'll help the best I can. It's a beautiful time to be on Earth, know that you are a strong soul.

Snow Globe of Life

My friend calls it the snowglobe of life. It's when our whole world has been turned upside-down suddenly, and all the pieces are flying around in the air. Indistinguishable parts swirling around our head blurring in and out, near and far. Reaching out to touch each piece, and yet turning as something else grabs our view. We stand and wait for all the particles to fall where they may, plant themselves around our feet, or cling to our shoulders and hair, each vying for a spot in our life, each straddling for importance. Yet, we stand there peeking, searching, wondering what has happened to our world. The disarray can be debilitating. Mostly because it was our own hand that turned the globe from the beginning. Image courtesy of Jannoon028/"

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Smoke Gets in My Eyes

When I was a kid, my grandfather would burn the fields after the harvest to get them ready for the next year's crop. He said it made the new plants healthier and sweeter. I was scared, as I carefully watched the areas of my responsibility, stomping out the flames if they leaped over the dirt boundary. With all the changes going on right now, I feel as though I've just lit a match to burn my life's past crop and make room for the new growth. If only it wasn't for that darn smoke....